Saturday, May 16, 2009

Albus Snivellus Potter and the etymology

My blog has over 70 posts now, but there is not even one post on Harry Potter! Beats me!
Anyways, here goes. Everytime I read Harry Potter(and that is a lot of times), I cry when I come to the part where Sirius dies. Seriously. I cry so badly I start to breathe heavy and needs glasses & glasses of water to calm down. ( can laugh as much as you want) I dunno why...but Sirius has always been my most favorite character ever since he made his entry in Book 3. I know JK Rowling is a mad mass murderer, but why did she kill Sirius?!?! Just because her mother died when she started writing the series, she made it a point to kill someone all the time. Mental.
But JKR's madness is not the question. Why didn't Harry name one of his kids after Sirius? After all that he's done for him, after all that he's gone through for him, you'd think it would be natural for Harry to name one of his kids after Sirius. When you can have a James Potter and Lily Potter back again...and ofcourse, Mr. Albus 'Snivellus' Potter, WHY not Sirius Potter?! Or at least Albus Sirius Potter?! Definitely, Sirius deserves more than Snivelly.

Maybe Blood IS thicker than water. At least, he wasn't named Alverus.


Supraja said...

i the understands your feelings. i the share the same the feelings

Nim said...

hey...i'm a potter fan too..!!
nice blog...and i sort of thought about the same thing when i read the epilogue of the deathly hallows