Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rainy exams!

I love it when it rains during exams! And especially, when they still conduct the exam despite the rain. One, you don't have to go through the whole agonizing process of studying the whole thing again. Two, the travelling is an adventure. Swimming through the muddiest waters, and writing the exam with the most uncomfortable, wet-at-the-back clothes(cuz the bus seat was wet!) that makes you go yuuuuck, wearing your oldest old slippers and waiting with an umbrella for the bus to come... duh. I ain't no super woman, but I do have my own adventure stories to tell :)

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Sandhya said...

YEAS!! It is the fun to walk thru muddy water!!! I don't carry an umbrella though... It ruins the spirit of the season!! I looooveeeee getting drenched and rain drops running thru your hair only add to the romantic effect... To add on to the adventure wear white clothes, you'll feel like a heroine... mazhai mazhaaaai :D Now I knw why louwers louwe rains..! **ore the pheelings**