Sunday, July 11, 2010

I miss you

Suddenly, it looks like everybody I love is either away from me or are leaving pretty soon(NO! this is NOT a senti post). And, boy! Do I miss them! here goes the list.
(in the order of disappearance!)

Mr. Raj Mohan...I miss you. I miss the intellectual arguments, the howling(or singing), the extremely pointless conversations, the pulling of legs(I guess my legs became a centimeter longer because of all the pullings), the book sharings and all the brotherly-sisterly lowe.

Ms. Nandhini Manoharan...I miss you for reasons far beyond human understanding. It's like having a part of me(think Horcruxes), torn and thrown into the Obama Land. Come back soon.

Ms. Harish is such a shame to admit I miss you. I really hope you don't see this. I miss the evening bike rides filled with your uncanny story narrations, and it always felt good to know I had you to listen to every damn thing I say. You were a source of support and inspiration, and I really truly miss you everyday I get to work, and I find the seat next to me empty.

Ms. Supraja Sankaran...I miss you fully fully. I keep staring at the wall wondering what happened to our Blabber and who/what did this to her, and when she will be back. I miss all the aimless bike roamings, the completely pointless jokes we crack, the triplet times, the senti times, the resort stays, the MADNESS in MOP, the bitching about, the shopping and hell a lot more.

Mr. Dinesh Kumar... I almost missed you on this list :P Lol. I miss the vetti arattais right outside your house, and the polambifications. You patiently listened to all my ramblings, and thankfully, you don't have the characteristic trait of mankind(read "offering solutions). You listen, and you know that's all you have to do to make me feel better. And, oh, I also miss the gossip sharing. And TADAH...I miss my movie library :)

Ms. Alvia Nasir...I don't know if I miss you or not :-) (hence the change in order!) Because it feels like you're always there. I miss seeing that laughter which shakes your whole body though.

Ms. Deepti Menon...Come September, I will miss you. I know for sure I'm furiously going to type a text message rambling about what happened just then, and keep wondering why it isn't getting delivered before I finally realize my Bumboo is in Manchester. I miss (read above) and I won't have anybody to complain about my darling man. I can't get jittery about my hunger anymore, because you wouldn't be around to change topic.

Mr. Srinivasan (with a huge last name)...shit shit shit. I miss you all day and all night. And I'll miss you even more once you go off sailing. And I won't like it. At all.

Ms. Bhuvana're probably leaving by the end of this year, to your fancy new apartment. And my childhood will go with you. Because without you, my childhood wouldn't be what it is today...a treasure of memories that I never want to let go. Because without you...I wouldn't be what I am today.

...and oh yes, Mr. Ayush Singhania, I do miss you too. You don't have to peep at me from above strangely and remind me I didn't include you in the list...yes, I have to admit, I'm not as good as you. None of us are.


ராச் மோகன் said...

முதலிடம் எனக்கே! மகிழ்ச்சி ! ஜாங்கு ஜக்கு ஜஜக்கு ஜக்கு ஜாங்கு ஜக்குச்சா!

Supraja said...

@raj: ha ha ha!

@billi: its awesome! and yeah.. someone once told me thats its ok miss people.. be happy that you atleast have people to miss *baby smile*