Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Of Knights and Kings and spies

:-( Today, the Fake IPL Player...the best entertainer of the whole of IPL 2009 has released a shadow video, and is no more. Will definitely miss you FIP!

KKR won their last two matches, and proved what brilliant fighters they are! Go Knights! I'm really really glad you helped kick out the "defending champions" Shane 'Womaniser' Warne's team out of IPL 2009. The look on Shilpa Shetty's face is worth millions! and I'm glad none of Warne's "exploits" were fruitful at the end.

And while I'm writing this, the so-called "Super" kings are struggling to win against the Kings XI (although how many of the XI are kings is still a question. Appam sort of became prince today taking two prize wickets). Thanks to KKR, wait, they won against us as well, so in a way no thanks to KKR., but yeah...what the hell... we are into the semi-finals. (Aah...60/6! We might win this for all you know!)

Cricket is indeed a game of glorious uncertainties. Twenty20 more so.

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