Thursday, January 8, 2009

I believe...

The other day, when I was waiting for the bus in KMC ( usual, I had been to the blabber's residence), there was this weirdo who came up to me(of all people) and said, "Believe in Christ" and handed me one of those pamphlets. All I could do in return was -roll eyes, nod head- Instead, if I had been given a chance, I would've said,

I believe...

in the star that twinkles at me every time I feel low and lonely

in the mouth that swears badly at people who make life miserable for me

in the shoulders that I lean on, and the laps that I cry on

in the tears




in miracles ( the man-made kind )

in the unknown, unidentified angels that come and go in our life everyday

in the smile that would brighten anyone

in the thump on the back, and the words of love

in the grit and the guts that keeps me going

in myself

Yes, I believe I can fly (like the song :P someone told me it is Dravid's favorite song...such a shame)

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