Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Stuff that I've always wished to have, but never had!

Well, I'm glad this isn't a long list. It is a very silly list I know...but yeah, little things do matter :)

  • Sneakers- I don't see why, but I've never had any sneakers(well, I never had a spare footwear, its always been, one's torn? get a new one!)
  • A branded watch, hopefully spent for by someone from my family - Every watch I've owned, was either a gift, or a prize, or something that I got for myself, or even- one I found on the road! After I lost the watch that was given as a gift from someone very very special, I've never had a watch that lasted long. My watches are jinxed.
  • Rimless glasses- ever since I started wearing glasses, two years ago, I've always wanted mine to be rimless, but its always been a black half frame.
  • A proper showcase to show off all the trophies and medals that I've won all over the years!
  • A proper closed bookshelf to store all the books I've won(they all now adorn our attic in cardboard boxes!)
  • A full length mirror/dressing table- there's never been one in the house, so if I look like a baboon below my waist, at least that's not my mistake.
  • Enough money- lol!
  • A cell phone that is not Motorola C168- which is what I've been having for the past 2 years, and it sort of sucks.

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