Thursday, May 22, 2008

Radio amusement park!

Just a few weeks into college champions, and I was already asking people if I can do my internship at Radio One. I fell in love with the place. school கு பிறகு என்னை எனக்காக ஏற்றுக்கொண்ட மக்கள். So, when it finally got confirmed that I'm gonna intern there, I was more than excited.

Everyday stepping into the office...Booplan/Kaliyaperumal uncle and லட்டு ku ஒரு hi போட்டுட்டு, going inside to see Raj Anna...sharing whatever my breakfast is,(mostly தயிர் சாதம்) and discussing things... varying from his தொந்தி, to casteism... எல்லாமே பழகி போச்சு. All those வெட்டி times spent in the 'வாஸ்து' and the Seetharama dosais... Making கார செவ் dance for saroja saaman nikalo, or அடிச்சுfying for whatever food is left... எப்போ நினைச்சு பாத்தாலும் குட்டியா ஒரு smile...

Learnt a lot of things... made a lot of friends... but Mrudhula நெனச்சா இப்ப கூட பொறாமையா வருது... Life's not fair ? நானும் அங்க குப்பை கொட்ட முடியல னு sometimes கடுப்பா வரும்... But Mru is someone who you never can be angry with, she is in the darling category, you see that face and all you can think of is to return that smile.

Raj anna
கிட்ட எனக்கு ரொம்ப கடி. In front of that intern guy, he said I never got him any food. Which is NOT fair. All those tiffin boxes he emptied, will never digest. That's why he is growing more தொந்தி everyday.

எந்த dash கு , presentation முடிக்கும் போது அழுதேன்? தெரியல. Probably I'm just plain stupid. Or probably I got too used to being at Radio One. Supri stayed up till the end, cuz Yush had told her to. Now, that is how you spell s-w-e-e-t. And Supri did wonders to my mood. When she talks about life and death, everything else seems silly.

Whatever... I know I'm being stupid. But all the while, I kept reassuring myself that I'm anyway gonna spend a month in there, so its ok... But I never realised it will go so fast..puff..and its gone. So now, it just feels odd to go back. Getting too used to something, and hurting yourself, hell, why should you do it?!?! அதனால, I'm like, consciously trying not to think of going there. But look, I'm sitting here blogging about it. All said and done, I suppose the instinct to get down from the bus when it stops at Sterling road, instead of Gemini, is never gonna cease.

But... when that day, I saw, Nandhini, Raj Anna and Mrudhula singing
கெட்ட வார்த்தை songs in back up... I realised, nobody might probably miss me, the fun still goes on..but hell, won't I miss all that! And that's what is making me feel SICK.

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