Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Indian social networking sites

Well, social networking- the 'in' thing now. Everybody is a part of at least some social networking website. Well, we might as well join a social networking website that is fun, helps you make some money and is useful for your college education! Well, sounds cool? Then you have to check out India Study Channel, one of the Indian social networking sites. This is a site to which I was referred to by my old pal Suren. Its Indian, and there are a LOT of people talking in forums about various colleges in the country, and discussing issues pertaining to education. There's every opportunity for you to chill out and make a few friends, or get re-united with old ones. I think its a great idea to have people sharing study ideas, and sharing question papers too! Indian social networking sites are definitely desi, and definitely have the local connect. So, just click here, and get going!---> Indian Social Networking Sites

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